Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Parwanoo- Because of the competitive and stressful lifestyle, people are involving in the bad habit of taking drugs and alcohol. Everyone wants to gain more in less time. Thus to be stress-free they start taking drugs. But you no need to worry, because, at our De addiction centre in Punjab, we are offering following important and exceptional basic facilities:

Moreover, Our Nasha Mukti Kender in Parwanoo specially designed for the drug addicts and alcoholics. Having huge experience in the field we provide the facilities to make the patients feel at home.

Our psychologists and therapists conduct physical tests at regular intervals to maintain a proper record of their health conditions.

We have also special consultation sessions for the patients to consult them on their needs and requirements.

At our Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Parwanoo, we have special facilities for yoga and meditation programs. Our well-trained yoga trainers work hard leading the patients to stay fit physically and mentally as well.

At our drug rehabilitation centre, we have arrangements for outdoor and indoor games as well. There have managed vast grounds to play cricket, hockey, football, Volleyball and tennis court as well.

Moreover, we also conduct some important check-ups on daily basis. The mains are blood-sugar, blood-pressure, temperature, weight etc. to monitor the progress more effectively.

Apart from these, we have some other specialties such that gymnasium, fresh and healthy meals, purified drinking water, AC rooms etc. Same facilities are also available at our other centers.

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